Welcome to the Destination Stationery Sample Store

We know it's hard to get an idea of the finished quality when you're looking at a picture on a website. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to see our designs up close. Have a browse around our store, order your samples and we'll ship them out asap. The cost is even refunded when you go on to place an order for finished stationery!

  • Purchase a sample invitation and the cost will be refunded
  • Customize your invitation colors at no extra charge
  • Unique custom designed wedding stationery at no extra charge
  • Free WORLDWIDE shipping on all finished stationery orders


Stressed about all the descisions you have to make about your wedding day? Don't worry we're here to make things simple!

Destination Stationery designs and produces bespoke invitations and stationery specializing in beautiful paper products for weddings abroad and travel themed events. Why buy standard invites when you're planning a once in a lifetime trip!

You have the option of choosing elements from any of our gorgeous designs, we'll update the colors/fonts/layout and wording to suit you and your unique event perfectly. Alternatively, chat to us about a custom design created from scratch to your specific requirements if you're looking for something completely unique!

Custom designs at no extra charge